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Video format id the most interesting and efficient way of supplying of the material. People perceive the information better, as long as it doesn’t demand any efforts.

With the help of the video you can solve several problems at once:

  • draw attention of target audience;
  • hang recognition of the brand;
  • increase sales through the internet;
  • profitably be seen among the competitors.

But how to achieve your videos to be seen by real potential clients ? Artificial boost in this case is absolutely useless, and the advertise on TV is too expensive. The only right decision is an official advertising on YouTube! Thanks to the possibility to choose target audience, you can limit by the cities, age, gender and interests and also by location on the map with the radius of coverage of 3 km.

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Our advantages
rich practical experience
rich practical experience

We have been working in the Youtube  sphere since 2015, that’s why we have plenty of our own best practices.

official advertising
official advertising

We propose out clients an official ads on YouTube together with the opportunity to choose the targeting what you wish.

regular reporting
regular reporting

By the end of each stage of advertising campaign we send a report about reached results and using of your budget.

affordable price
affordable price

Thanks to our rich work experience with Google ads we can offer lower market prices.

Our services
An Official Advertising on YouTube

It includes creating and setting of the advertisement account on the Google Ads platform, developing of the strategy of promotion, testing of the different advertising campaigns, choosing the most optimal variant.

The Uniform Style of the Channel

It includes the developing of the author’s style taking into account the channel’s style, creating of the design hat and 10-15 previews (badges) for the video, the drawing if the logotype.

The Analysis of the Channel

It includes the detailed learning of the channel, finding and marking of all the mistakes in packaging and optimization, the analysis of trends.

Optimization and Setting of the Channel

It includes the collection of semantic core, the  creation of attractive and understandable description of the channel, setting of the main page, systematization of the content according to the playlists, choosing the tags and complex optimization of the 10 videos.

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